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AFPWAA Student Workshop No.2

We will sponsor the AFPWAA Student Workshop (contest). Applicants (Junior-high school/high school/college/university students) wanted!

It is a collaborative project between AFPWAA and SDGs Point Labo@Japan. In order to promote understanding of SDGs (17 goals & 169 targets to achieve a sustainable world) unanimously adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015, we will provide students with opportunities to learn by using AFP’s huge database.

How to participate: Participants will be given the right to view the contents database (English version) of AFP (Agence France-Presse) freely within a certain period of time. (Entry with email address issued by educational institutions is necessary. If you do not have email address issued by educational institutions, SDGs Point Labo @Japan will issue your email address. Please apply by this form.)

  1. For junior-high school/high school/college/university students reading this news and wants to participate, application will be required on the participation application page.
  2. If you have an academic e-mail address (issued by an educational institution), after applying (Step 1), please access the AFPWAA content database (Step 4) and register for ID there.
  3. If you do not have an academic email address (issued by an educational institution), please click the check box (at Step 1) to indicate your request for transferring to the roundtable.jp domain’s mail address and get notification of transfer settings, then proceed to step 4 to register ID. Please note that a private mail address cannot be registered at Step 4’s database.
  4. Access AFPWAA content database (English version).
  5. Choose your favorite news photo.
  6. Please add a Japanese title to the selected photo, describe the reason for choosing within the length from 200 words to 400 letters, and post from the project application site.

Entry Period: April 1st – May 31st, 2019

Theme #2: Goal 2 ” ZERO HUNGER “

Benefits of learning:

・Opportunities for information analysis of contents database are obtained. (internalization and externalization of information)
・Opportunities to read English contents are obtained.
・Opportunities to express thoughts in words are obtained.
・Opportunities to send messages to the world. (All entries will be made public on the Instagram page.)
・Excellent works will be published on the official website of AFPWAA. (The name of your institution will also be posted.)

Hosted by: AFP World Academic Archive

Sponsored by:  SDGs Point Labo@Japan

AFP (Agence France-Presse): Founded in 1835, the world’s longest-run news agency, one of the world’s three major news agencies, together with Reuters and AP.

SDGs Point Labo @Japan: A laboratory that supports activities to link companies, society and educational sites by utilizing SDGs active local point system “L-TanQ” provided by Round Table Com, Inc.

Application page here.


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